Assessments and Evaluations

A Scientific approach to executive search

We use a proprietary mix of personality tests, leadership and communication profiles, emotional IQ scores, and our own assessment of the executive’s professional grit to determine the ideal addition to your team.


Putting Science Behind Our Selection

We use a proprietary blend of assessments and evaluations to gain a full understanding of the executive’s personality, leadership style, communication style, and other important factors that a resume or even multiple interviews would likely miss.

Communication Delivery Style

Understanding how the professional prefers to give and receive information.

Leadership style


Understanding the executive’s leadership style is important when searching for the right fit for your organization. We use leadership assessments to determine the right fit for your organization.


Personality Testing

Understanding the personality profile of the executives we submit to your company is vital. Understanding the personality profile of the executive is important if they will become an integral part of your leadership team.



We have various tools that help us determine and understand the emotional quotient of the client. This allows us to determine how well the candidate controls emotion under high stress.



Through a proven and age tested process, our team evaluates the information gathered from our assessments and also evaluates the executive’s level of grit, culture fit, and the likelihood of success with your company