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Retained Search for Accounting Executives

Our executive search firm is connected with high-level accounting professionals nationwide and can locate candidates with the ideal skill set and leadership style needed to drive our clients’ accounting departments to the next level. Accomplished accounting executives are employed across a vast landscape of industries that each require unique skill sets. In consequence, finding executive-level accounting talent can be difficult for companies relying solely on internal resources. 

At Search Solution Executive, we excel in retained search for accounting executives by fully understanding our clients and what they provide. Our team then carefully listens to the desired qualifications of the position to provide top-notch candidates who possess the skills and experience necessary to enact remarkable change within the organization’s accounting department. Whether a company is in need of a motivated, forward-thinking accounting strategist or a seasoned executive to administer and oversee existing processes, our firm locates proven, successful executives whose skills are commensurate with the functions of the organization’s accounting department and the needs of the company.

What Makes Us Different?


We Do Not Outsource

We do not outsource a single step in our process. 100% of the effort which contributes to making successful executive placements comes from our own team of talented individuals.


We Are Not Limited Like Large Firms

Large executive search firms are often limited in terms of the talent pool they can recruit from due to contractual obligations. By working with a focused firm, the talent pool for your company will be wider and higher in quality.


Always Available For Our Clients

We take great pride in the fact that we build strong relationships with our clients and thoroughly understand their needs. Why be just a number with the large firms when you can be a “Big Fish” in our pond.


A Different Approach To Retained Search

We are so efficient and successful at what we do that we are able to offer more competitive pricing than larger competitors. Flexible fee structures and payment schedules are custom tailored for our clients.

Why Work With Us

Our firm has over 17 years of experience matching companies with experienced professionals for CAO, VP of Accounting, and Corporate Controller positions. Over the last 17 years, the team at Search Solution Executive has developed an extensive network of executive-level Accounting talent and a meticulous sourcing method that has resulted in the placement of many successful executives.

The Search Solution Executive team builds successful partnerships with our clients through a proprietary methodology, industry-leading communication, and by working collaboratively with our clients to find the best accounting executives to fit their needs. For these reasons and more, our company has been trusted by some of the largest companies in the world to find accounting talent solutions for their organization.

Let’s Work Together