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Experience in Placing Marketing Leadership

As the marketing ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, it is critical to find leaders with the distinct skill set necessary to drive an organization’s marketing strategy. No longer can a marketing executive step into a leadership role at just any organization and effectively lead department initiatives—different companies require leaders with specific focus areas in which they excel. A knowledgeable, successful marketing executive could spark dramatic change in an organization’s branding and presence among potential clients or consumers. That is why our executive search firm treats each retained marketing search with diligent attention and care.

When organizations partner with Search Solution Executive to locate high-level marketing talent, they are investing in our proven success, superior sourcing methodologies, and extensive network comprised of otherwise inaccessible marketing executives across the nation. Through our firm, clients have access to an immense talent pool of successful marketing executives who are currently driving strategy and success at an organization of similar size and industry. Our network of proven executive marketing experts paired with our comprehensive, nationwide headhunting efforts, gives our clients access to the top caliber difference-makers they need.

What Makes Us Different?


We Do Not Outsource

We do not outsource a single step in our process. 100% of the effort which contributes to making successful executive placements comes from our own team of talented individuals.


We Are Not Limited Like Large Firms

Large executive search firms are often limited in terms of the talent pool they can recruit from due to contractual obligations. By working with a focused firm, the talent pool for your company will be wider and higher in quality.


Always Available For Our Clients

We take great pride in the fact that we build strong relationships with our clients and thoroughly understand their needs. Why be just a number with the large firms when you can be a “Big Fish” in our pond.


A Different Approach To Retained Search

We are so efficient and successful at what we do that we are able to offer more competitive pricing than larger competitors. Flexible fee structures and payment schedules are custom tailored for our clients.

Why Work With Us

Search Solution Executive has been a trusted partner in retained search for CMO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Strategy roles for over 17 years. Our executive search firm employs a team of marketing specialists who are closely connected to the field’s trends, technologies, and key players. In order to work on high-level, retained searches, our executive headhunters undergo rigorous training in navigating the broad landscape of marketing talent. Through a collaborative and thorough process, we are prescriptive in identifying the specific needs of our clients in terms of certifications, experience, and most importantly: leadership style and personality—this ensures that our clients are provided with the executive-level marketing talent that will propel their initiatives to greater efficacy and profitability.


Our firm has experience placing marketing executives for companies in the following areas: Retail, Manufacturing, B2B, Consumer Product Goods, eCommerce, SaaS, Finance, Legal, Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Agencies and Advertising, and many more.

Our firm has developed a proven six-step process that has resulted in many long-term partnerships with mid-tier companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Through a custom blend of personality assessments, emotional IQ testing, and leadership evaluations, we combine modern data and technologies with old-school headhunting techniques to conduct a comprehensive, accurate executive search that results in a leader who drives positive change year after year.

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